Record breaking and applications

Record is evidenced and witnessed information related to any individual, organization or any event.

It is recognized eventually officially and universally.

Yes, but with our notice and the also with the followed formalities.

You must inbox in personal through mail and will be told you in detail.

As there are many application received every day; we take 6 to 8 weeks to respond your application.

If you cannot find any successful records,you can address to us through the question tag or though mail.

Yes.but it must be brought to our notice .the permission has to be taken in written and the formalities must be followed.
Only the one with permission can use unless permitted by us and not anybody else.

Yes, definitely.inbox us through mail .

Yes. anybody can apply. TnC applied.

although, we access every record application, some records cannot be done. the reason being is,
⦁ the record titles /the applications dont make sense.for example loyalty, kindness,etc]..
⦁ the record titles that can not be attempted like if it sufficiently not challenging,
⦁ whether the person is major or a minor, we do not accept records that can harm anything or anybody anyhow.

it is vital for you to note that ,for the approval of the new record title , sufficient information about the record has to be given .say,what do you want to achieve,how ,where, and why do you want to to acheve, and the other information as a demonstration that may help our team to get convienced better and under your proposal for the record approval.
after all the research and verification done by our team about the new attempted record title , a confirmation will be sent to you saying the title is approved.later the new record title will be added into the records where the others who apply for the title to attempt to break your record.
firstly, a check is done on whether your title can be accepted or not.
if yes.then the research and the verification will be in process for the approval..
if your idea of a record title alreday matches our record title, then your record title will be put under our records titles list.if it a same record idea that we already have, then it will be put under the title ,attempt to break a record.else the record title will be put under the list with the main heading but a new record title .

it all depends on the kind of the record , and checked whether can it be attempted by the child measuring on all the safety measures, age, etc…along with the permission of the parents/guardians.
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we ensure that every record appears on our website ,or, every record is being put on our website.
although, we cannot assure whether your record will be in our is only because.the latest records broken under the same title and the records that make a new title .