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Largest Pizza ever made? Which is the Fastest Car?
Costliest diamond? In fact anything!

You are in the right place!

London World Records is a Global Brand having its offices world

London world Records keeps records of achievements across the
world resulting in a world record.

London World Records issues Certificates of Achievement and
medals to organizations/individuals on such successful achievement
after following due diligence under strictest of norms.


Not being defined by limitations or being conventional and instead help people know their potentials in a better way and where they actually stand in the world being savage . we , both inspire and aspire, people without discrimination for any matter – may it be age, city, country, gender, children, adults, schools, families, companies, business, individuals, troops, universities, etc…

Our main objective being we aspire the people and hence again inspire the people making it a chain.

Ethics and Moral Codes

  • Passion
  • Perfection
  • Uniqueness
  • Aspiration and inspiration
  • Incredibleness and uniqueness
  • Civility and approbation
  • Quality of being honest
  • State of being the whole
  • Strong moral principles
  • Sincerity with the moral codes


“Is to inspire human capacities one record, one achievement at a

London World Records’ vision is to achieve numero uno position in
recording and certifying world records, talent and achievements


“You achieve glory, London World Records certifies”
To encourage and motivate one to achieve new heights in one’s chosen
area of excellence and reach the pinnacle of glory.
London World Records due diligence is par excellence and is based
on latest technology and tools.