March 21, 2019

World’s Largest Pizza

World’s Largest Pizza According to the keepers of human history over at the World Records, the largest circular pizza ever baked weighed was made in Norwood, South […]
March 20, 2019
Azim Malik

Most biscuits crushed between someone’s shoulder blades in a minute

Azim Malik This one is weird. The record was broken by Azim Malik on an Italian TV show who managed 21 biscuits. Cup of tea, anyone? […]
March 15, 2019
Johnny Strange

Most Apples Cut By Chainsaw While Holding Them In Mouth

Johnny Strange The record is held by Johnny Strange, he placed his name in the Book of World records on October 2013 in Yorkshire, UK when […]
March 14, 2019
Vishnu Manohar

Vishnu Manohar breaks world record for non-stop cooking

Vishnu Manohar Popular and energetic Chef Vishnu Manohar broke a USA record, of non-stop cooking for 52 hours in Nagpur. The cooking marathon started on April […]
March 8, 2019

The ‘Oyster’ world record

‘Oyster’ world record Sonya Thomas slurped down 47 dozen oysters in under eight minutes world record. Take a few seconds to do the math… that’s 564 oysters, […]