Vishnu Manohar breaks world record for non-stop cooking

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Vishnu Manohar

Vishnu Manohar

Popular and energetic Chef Vishnu Manohar broke a USA record, of non-stop cooking for 52 hours in Nagpur. The cooking marathon started on April 21 at 8 am in Nagpur.

The event had live music, cameras, and watchful jury sitting at the side of the stage. The loud of cries of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ filled the air every hour.

The event was organised under the banner Maitri Pariwar Sanstha, and was held at PT Mase hall at Institute Engineer in Nagpur.

The previous cooking record was for 40 hours and was achieved by Benjamin J Perry (USA) in Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA, on March 12, 2014.